About Tanglewood

We propagate trees, shrubs, vines, herbs and grasses which are native to the Lockyer Valley region, SE Queensland. Many of the plants also naturally occur within Brisbane and Toowoomba. The species grown range from small plants for urban yards to large trees for acreage. They are also ideal for bush revegetation and biodiversity projects. All plants are in 48mm or 90mm sized tubes, and come from seed collected within the locale - no hybrids or cultivars. The stock range is continually expanding as more seed sources are discovered.

Over the past five years, we have been propagating native plants for revegetation work on our acreage at Lefthand Branch. The flora on the property encompasses two regional ecosystems: semi-evergreen vine thicket on sedimentary rocks, (12.9-10.15), and Brigalow open forest, (12.9-10.6).    All of the plants grown fulfill a role within their ecosystem, whether it be as habitat, soil stabilisation, a safe resting place for fauna, or as a food source.  It has been a great joy to watch the day-to-day activity of insects, birds, wallabies, bandicoots, lizards and snakes on the property, and to see the numbers increase over time, particularly in areas which have been cleared of weeds and replaced with native species.

How to buy our plants

Place an Order

Tanglewood Natives can grow large numbers of specific species.  All you need to do is contact us and place an order.  We will require at least three months notice to allow for germination and growing time. 

Community Markets

Tanglewood Natives often has a stall at the Ma Ma Creek, Mulgowie, Laidley, and Plainland Markets.  See the Next Event listings for the upcoming  market dates.  If there are plants that you are after, contact us via phone or email, and I can bring them to the markets for you.

Price List

Small Tubes (48mm):

Standard Range

$2.50 each 

Discounts apply for bulk orders

Large Tubes (90mm):

$4.50 each 

Discounts apply for bulk orders

Specialty Range:

There are some species which are difficult to germinate and/or very slow growing.  They therefore fetch a higher fixed price. They include Proiphys cunninghamii, Pentaceras australe, Alchornea ilicifolia, Alectryon diversifolius and Geijera parviflora, to name a few.