Herbs and Grasses

Afrohybanthus stellarioides

Spade Flower

Perennial herb to 50cm with orange spade-shaped flowers during the warmer months.  Can be grown in a pot or hanging basket.

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Ancistrachne uncinulata

Hooky Grass

Grass to 1m that grows in sandstone soils on steep, dry slopes in part shade


Austrostipa verticillata

Slender Bamaboo Grass

Grass to 1.5m. Habitat for bandicoots, rodents and ground-dwelling birds

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Crotalaria brevis

Short-leaved Rattlepod

Herbaceous plant to 50cm in sandy soils with yellow flowers in the warmer months

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Cullen tenax

Emu Foot

Sprawling ground cover in sunny well drained sites to 20cm tall with purple flower spikes

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Cymbopogon obtectus


Uncommon fragrant grass to 1m in sandy soils. Fluffy white seed heads

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Cymbopogon refractus

Native Lemongrass

Lemon-scented grass to 1m in full sun in poor soils.  A food source for butterflies and birds. Ideal for mass plantings.

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Dianella brevipedunculata

Blue Flax Lily

Strapped leaved plant to 60 with blue flowers and blue berries. Good for part shade

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Dicanthium sericeum subsp. sericeum

Queensland Bluegrass

Perennial to 80cm with blue/green leaves and dark fluffy seed heads

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Enchylaena tomentosa

Ruby Saltbush

To 1m with blue/green hairy succulent foliage and bright rose red edible fruit.

Ready in late March

Eremophila debilis

Winter Apple

Mat-forming ground cover to a 1.5m spread with edible fruit. Protect from frost

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Evolvulus alsinoides

Slender Dwarf Morning-glory

Fast growing ground cover to a 1m spread with a profusion of bright blue flowers throughout the year

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Fimbristylis ferruginea

Finger Rush

Freshwater and saline wetlands perennial sedge to 80cm

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Hibiscus sturtii

Little Hibiscus

To 45cm with hairy leaves and pink or white flowers. Grows in sandy soils

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Juncus usitatus

Common Rush

Semi aquatic fast growing clumping plant to 80cm that grows along creek banks and waterways. Frog habitat. Can grow in a pond

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Lomandra hystrix

Creek Mat Rush

Fast growing strap-leaved plant to 1m with yellow flowers. Ideal for borders and creek bank or slope stabilisation

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Murdannia graminea

Grass Lily

Grass-like herb to 40cm in moist, sandy soils with pink/purple three-petalled flowers

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Patersonia sericea

Native Iris

Grass-like plant to 50cm with large purple three-petalled flowers from winter to spring. Grows in moist, sandy soils.

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Peperomia blanda var. floribunda


Succulent-like herb to 30cm that grows on boulders in part shade.  Can be grown as an indoor plant

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Philydrum lanuginosum

Woolly Frogmouth

Emergent aquatic plant to 1m with yellow flowers in summer. Frog habitat

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Coleus australis (Formerly Plectranthus parviflorus)


Herb to 70cm in dry, rocky soils in full sun or part shade. Blue flowers attract pollinators

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Proiphys cunninghamii

Brisbane Lily

Attractive slow growing rainforest lily with clusters of white flowers in summer

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Stylidium graminifolium

Trigger Plant

Clumping grass-like plant with pink flower spikes throughout the year. Grows in moist sandy soils

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Swainsona queenslandica

Darling Pea

Scrambling herb to 40cm with blue/green foliage and lovely red pea flowers in the warmer months. It grows in a range of soil types

Ready in late March (6 only)

Themeda triandra

Kangaroo Grass

Clumping grass to 60cm in well drained soils. Brown seed heads form in the warmer months

Ready in March

Thysanotus tuberosus

Purple Fringed Lily

Wildflower to 50cm in moist areas with fine blue/green foliage and three-petalled purple flowers during the warmer months.

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Trachymene incisa

Wild Parsnip

Sparse sprawling herb to 60cm with pollinator attracting heads of white flowers

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Zygophyllum apiculatum

Twin Leaf

Understorey herb to 60cm in Brigalow scrub in part shade. Yellow flowers

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