Acacia fimbriata

Fringe Wattle

Fast growing shrub to 2m with masses of yellow flowers in winter/spring

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Acacia hispidula

Rough Hairy Wattle

Shrub to 2m on sandstone soils. Small white spherical flowers in spring followed by flat seed pods. A food source for pollinators

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Acacia ulicifolia

Prickly Moses

Prickly foliaged shrub to 2m on sandstone soils. Small white spherical flowers in spring followed by flat seed pods. A food source for pollinators

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Photo by Martin Bennett

Alyxia ruscifolia

Chain Fruit

Prickly foliaged to 2m. Fragrant white flowers, then bright orange fruit which  are often joined together like a chain

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Breynia oblongifolia

Coffee Bush

To 3m with small white flowers then green fruit which hang underneathe the foliage turning red to black. Host plant to the Large Grass-yellow butterfly. Attracts small birds

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Capparis arborea

Caper Bush

To 5m with large fragrant cream flowers and edible fruit

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Photo by Martin Bennett

Carissa ovata


To 3m with glossy green foliage.  White flowers are followed by black currant-like edible fruit. Shelter for small birds. Attracts the Joseph’s Coat moth larvae.  Very tough in dry conditions

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Cassinia laevis

Cough Bush

Open forest species to 2m. Aromatic foliage and clusters of small white flowers

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Daviesia wyattiana

Long leaved Daviesia

An uncommon open sparse shrub on sandstone soils with narrow foliage and yellow/orange pea flowers in spring

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Deeringia amaranthoides


Up to 4m but often much smaller than that.  Grows along creeks and gullies.  Can take part shade.  Spikes of bright red fruit in summer

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Photo by Martin Bennett

Dodonaea sinuolata

Feathery Hop Bush

1-3m with dark pink/red pods in summer. Good shelter for small birds

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Dodonaea stenophylla

Narrow-leaved Hop Bush

Attractive understorey species to 3m that grows well in sandy, rocky soil

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Dodonaea viscosa

Sticky Hop Bush

Hardy, to 4m in dry regions, takes light frosts. Very showy seed capsules

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Hakea benthamii

Vein-leaved Hakea

Woody shrub to 3m in sandy soils. White flowers in spring

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Hakea florulenta

Wallum Hakea

Shrub to 2m in sandy soils, e.g. Helidon Hills. Pollinator-attracting white flowers

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Hibiscus heterophyllus

Native Rosella

To 8m with large white flowers. Attracts many insects and birds

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Photo by Martin Bennett

Hibiscus heterophyllus (yellow form)

Native Rosella

To 6m with large bright yellow flowers. Attracts many insects and birds

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Indigofera australis

Native Indigo

To 1.5m. Tough in exposed, dry sandy soils. Pretty pink flower spikes

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Photo by Martin Bennett

Jacksonia scoparia


To 3m, leafless. Grows in dry, rocky soils. Clusters of yellow flowers

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Photo by Martin Bennett

Leptospermum polygalifolium


To 3m with masses of white flowers that attract pollinators.

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Lomatia silaifolia

Crinkle Bush

To 1 or 2m with white flowers in the warmer months.  Grows in sandy well drained soils.

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Maireana decalvans

Blue Saltbush

To 1m. Very hardy in dry areas. Succulent-like blue/grey leaves, tiny flowers and pink disc shaped fruit

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Myoporum montanum


Fast growing shrub to 4m with small white flowers followed by pink/purple glossy fruit.  A source of food and habitat for birds.  Requires well drained soil in full sun or part shade.


Photo by Martin Bennett

Pavetta australiensis

Butterfly Bush

Dry rainforest species to 4m. Showy flowers and fruit attract butterflies and birds

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Petalostigma pachyphyllum

Thick-leaved Quinine Bush

To 2.5m on sandstone slopes, showy orange fruit. Uncommon

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Petrophile canescens


To 1.5m in rocky areas in sandy soils. Flowers attract pollinators

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Photo by Martin Bennett

Pittosporum spinescens

Wallaby Apple

To 3m. Very prickly,making it ideal habitat for small birds. Large round fruit

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Pittosporum viscidum

Birds Nest Bush

To 3m with dark rounded fruit. Perfect nesting shrub for small birds

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Rhagodia parabolica

Fragrant Saltbush

To 2m with grey foliage and small red fruit. Drought hardy

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Rhagodia spinescens

Hedge Saltbush

To 1m in well drained soils with silver foliage and pink/red fruit. Tolerates dry conditions and frost.  Can be hedged

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Senna acclinis

Scrub Senna

To 1.5m with yellow flowers. Host plant to the Lemon Migrant butterfly

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Senna barclayana

Smooth Senna

Fast growing to 3m x 3m. A prolific producer of yellow flowers throughout spring and summer.  The blooms attract butterflies

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Senna coronilloides

Brigalow Senna

To 2m in Brigalow scrub. Hardy understorey plant with yellow flowers

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Senna gaudichaudii

Blunt-leaved Senna

Uncommon shrub from 2-3m to 5m tall with butterfly-attracting yellow flowers

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Sophora fraseri

Brush Sophora

Attractive understorey species to 2m. Conservation status is (V) vulnerable

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Teucrium junceum

Square-stemmed Broom

To 1.5m, almost leafless with angular stems, small white flowers and orange fruit

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Trema tomentosa

Wild Peach

Fast growing to 4m with small white flowers then tiny black fruit. Pioneer species in moist forest areas

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Westringia eremicola

Slender Westringia

To 1m in well drained soils. Small mauve flowers in summer. Frost and drought hardy

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Wikstroemia indica

Bootlace Bark

To 1.5m in well drained soils. Small yellow flowers followed by green fruit turning red when ripe.  Full sun to part shade.  Warning: the fruit is toxic.

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